Beta Care Training Institute (BCTI) is offering short professional courses whose objective is to enhance community capacity building and skills development. 2 modes of learning: Online, 2 hours a week, or as agreed upon by all parties. Single class session for groups at discounted price. Please check out our programs below:   Please note that...
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We provide a variety of short courses in ICT designed for beginners or intermediate level IT persons looking to advance their skills in the following areas: Mode of learning is online or classroom. Please view our programs below: Please note that the registration or starting date for these short courses is not fixed. You may...
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A Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) acts as a stepping stone for a rewarding career in computer networking, internet security, digital marketing, website design, programming, graphic design, etc., either in employment or self-employment. IT is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to start making money on your own, and CIT gives you an all-rounded introduction...
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theatre technology course in kenya
By obtaining a certificate in Perioperative Theatre Technology, you can embark on a rewarding career and make a meaningful impact on patient perioperative care. What does Perioperative Theatre Technology deal with? As healthcare evolves, and our hospitals’ capacity to perform major and minor surgeries increases, the demand for skilled professionals in this area is also...
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community health assistant
Looking for healthcare job opportunities with NGOs? A certificate in Community Health Assistant prepares you for a fulfilling role in discharging various community health duties and contributing towards meeting the identified health needs and requirements. What is community health assistant? A Community Health Assistant (CHA) is a healthcare professional who provides primary healthcare services and...
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About Us

Beta care hospital is located in Githunguri division of Githunguri district about 38 Km from Nairobi city. The hospital is located along the busy Githunguri/Nairobi Road, Magomano,Kiambu/Ruiru Junction.

Beta Care hospital is committed to health care for all in the community through inpatient and outpatient services.

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