Naltrexone Implantation

In our standard 90-day rehabilitation program, Naltrexone is an optional treatment whose use is usually discussed between the patient, the family and our medical professionals.

In the (accelerated) 30-day program Naltrexone implantation is mandatory.

Naltrexone is a very effective prescription medicine that is designed to inhibit cravings associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Since its initial approval for use in the United States over 30 years ago, medical professionals across the world have used this amazing tool to help thousands of people fight their addictions.

In our 4-week intensive in-patient rehabilitation program, Naltrexone implantation is a part of of the treatment we offer to patients who merit and choose this option. The Naltrexone implant slowly releases the medication into the body for 3 months and can be re-implanted as often as is required. Within days after the implantation procedure, Naltrexone begins to block receptors in the brain responsible for cravings associated with alcohol and opioid usage. This effectively helps reduce a person’s physical desires to continue using these substances and therefore improves the effectiveness and maintenance of the addiction recovery process.

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