Optical Unit

Our optical unit is the ideal destination for all your family’s eye care needs. We provide detailed eye examinations for patients exhibiting all kinds of eye conditions, from squints to cataracts to corneal diseases. The combination of state of the art equipment and warm with our warm and friendly team often results in satisfactory outcomes for our patients.

Our team includes highly qualified ophthalmologists to handle eye surgery procedures and optometrists to help correct your vision with modern, personalized spectacles and handle other minor eye problems.

Our treatment plans include:

  • Eye Screening –Early detection and treatment is essential to detect diseases that may affect your vision and risk causing serious ocular problems or even permanent loss of vision. This allows retinal examination for any abnormalities / diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Glacoma, Cataracts, Tumour etc.
  • Tonometry – An eye pressure test -deemed necessary for over 40’s age group or where there is family history of Glaucoma
  • Medical prescription – For any eye ailments or infections diagnosed, the required treatment will be advised, or medications dispensed.
  • Eye Examination – Including detailed vision testing, checking for Refractive errors (Spectacle power) and signs of any eye ailments
  • Corrective plastic/glass spectacles – Designed as prescribed to improve your vision – with options for anti-glare and photochromic lenses
  • Contact lenses – May be prescribed to slow down the progression of poor eyesight, depending on the health of the cornea and extent of the condition
  • Spectacle Dispensing – Our frames selection is wide in variety and cost, taking care of those with an eye for designer frames and budge range. Contact lenses form a specialised part of our practice. We fit soft lenses for visual, social or leisure use, and even cosmetic coloured lenses that are very popular with the youth. Prescription sunglasses are made on order.

We often offer Free eye clinics in the surrounding communities to promote primary eye. We recommend that you get your eyes checked every one to two years, but you can do it more frequently depending on your unique needs.

Our examinations are tailored to your individual requirements and are more than just eye tests. All your eye test results and images are recorded on our database for retrieval at a later date for comparison and/or referrals to General Practitioners and specialists, should the need arise.

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