Medical Outpatient Clinic (MOPC)

This is a clinic that handles chronic ailments and other non-communicable diseases. Keep in mind that long term illnesses such as HTN (hypertension), heart diseases, Arthritis, Epilepsy, and so on need follow up, counselling, and life style changes to prevent complications that may lead to hospitalization.

Our MOPC includes:

  • Diabetic Clinic – focuses on promoting self-management for clients while minimizing the risk of developing diabetes-related complications through medication, proper nutrition, and counselling.
  • Heart Clinic – involves treatment of heart conditions, from diagnosis to the management of cardiac conditions.
  • Hypertension Clinic – comprises the diagnosis, treatment and management of high blood pressure conditions.

These services are available at our main facility on Tuesday morning. The clinic is managed by a consultant.

Please call us on the phone number below to book your appointment and/or confirm attendance.

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Our management styles create a sense of belonging and thus our highly motivated and committed staff believe in teamwork and assisting each other to accomplish our corporate mission.

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